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June 7, 2017

Easter’s Lock & Security’s Automatic Door Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Program

At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we are proud to be an AAADM Certified  Inspector. Our Automatic Door Technicians are fully trained and qualified to  conduct new installation, preventative maintenance, service, and annual
inspections in accordance with the latest codes and current industry standards.

To help keep your automatic pedestrian door systems compliant and operating  properly in the most efficient manner, Easter’s Lock & Security offers annual  inspections, preventative maintenance (PM) servicing, and repair/ replacement
of worn or outdated component parts, all in accordance with AAADM standards.

Our AAADM Safety Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Package Includes:

Safety Sensor Coverage CheckHold Open Time Reverse Function Check
Opening & Closing Speed CheckAAADM Safety Inspection
Emergency Break Out Pressure TestTightness of Belts & Bolts Check
Motor & Gearbox Operation CheckWeather Stripping & Door Condition Check
Sliders & Rollers Checked & LubricatedProper Card Access Control Integration Check
Sensor Operation Check

  • Regularly $239.00 for first door and $150.00 for each door after.
  • Maintenance Agreement Special: $174.00 for first door and $94.00 for each door after.
  • Additionally, receive a 20% Discount off any needed parts

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