Product Update from Easter's Lock & Security

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Product Update from Easter's Lock & Security


Noke has gone all the way from Kickstarter project to fully fledged product that anyone can buy. It brings the lock from the time of keys into the future of lights and Bluetooth. The Noke smartlock aims to make keys obsolete sending away with them the worry of losing keys and being locked out. You can even send virtual keys to friends. Since the Noke comes in padlock form it can work in multiple areas. From a side gate at home to your bike on the street, the idea is for Noke to secure everywhere.

Why Buy The Noke Lock:
  • It’s simple to use! Setup for the Noke lock takes mere minutes
  • Noke offers the ability to send virtual keys to friends and family
  • It’s made with hardened steel and boron and features anti-shim technology to stop would-be thieves
  • The Bluetooth is secure thanks to a 128-bit AES CCM encryption algorithm along with Noke’s PKI tech and cryptographic key exchange protocols

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