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Safes & ATMs

Easter’s has been selling and servicing safes since we opened our doors in 1953.

Do you need the lock on your safe drilled?  A atm repair service baltimorecombination changed? A 300lb safe moved? ATM Repaired? We can do all of that and more.

At Easter’s, our technicians can install, drill, repair, re-combinate, and move any safe, vault, or ATM. If your safe needs servicing contact us for a free estimate.

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Easter’s is an authorized dealer for the following safe brands:



Fireking is known for the fire rated safe Media Vault HD, which is a UL Rated Fire Resistant External Hard Drive, Fireking also offers security solutions for cash handling , and locking systems for retail, restaurant, healthcare , and most office environments.


Gardallguardall fire safes

Gardall is known in the industry to build one of the best safes in the industry. Firesafes, Gun Safes, Media Safes, Wall Safes, Floor Safes, “B” Rated burglary Safes , Commercial Safes, Concealed Safes, Electronic Media Safes .


amsec safesWe are an authorized dealer for American Security Products and Safes , Floor Safes , Wall Safes, Undercounter Safes and More…..


Gun Safesamsec

Owning a gun and keeping it securely stored is important, but so is quick access when you need it. Easter’s now offers a new way to keep your handgun safe, secure and ready for action with the SpeedVault Biometric. SpeedVault Biometric is equally as fast as it is discreet. It is an ideal choice for a home or business looking for added security.

Combination Safe Lock Maintenance

Did you know that the lock on your safe requires periodic servicing?

Just like the engine in your car, your combination lock is a temperamental mechanical device that, overtime, can become dirty or worn with use. It is recommended that a combination lock be serviced every 2-3 years with heavy use.
The service of a combination lock entails that a safe technician disassembles the wheel pack, cleans the wheels and parts, replaces any worn parts, and lubricates the lock. This periodic service of your combination lock will result in a smoother, more reliable combination lock.
Indicators that it may be time to service your safe:

  • The lock is tight and difficult to dial
  • The lock combination changes over time
  • The lock makes a ‘clicking’ sound when dialed
  • The lock assembly is loose
  • The lock attempts to wind back in the wrong direction
  • The dial is crooked or unsteady