ADA Automatic Doors

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Easter’s Security Solutions is a leading provider of sales, service, and installation of automatic entrance systems and door controls. ADA door opener installations from Easter’s offer an easy and cost effective way to furnish businesses with accessible entryways. Our swing door operators can convert your store or facility into an ADA compliant entrance without the hassle or costs associated with rebuilding an entire doorway.

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What it Means for Business Owners

The Americans with Disabilities Act is about access for those individuals who have limited functions, disabilities or require assistance it mobility.The act, signed into federal law in 1990, requires stores, banks and other businesses with public buildings to guarantee service to people with disabilities. Part of the act details how building owners can upgrade entryways to provide access for the disabled. However, not all buildings need retrofits to comply with the law. A building’s construction date determines whether an upgrade is needed.




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