Automatic Doors & Operators

At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we supply state-of-the-art automatic entrance systems for an array of commercial, institutional, industrial, and transportation applications. In addition to installing and repairing automatic entrance hardware, we offer comprehensive service and maintenance programs that can be customized to your ever-changing needs.

Easter’s is a certified installer and authorized reseller for the highest-rated brands of automatic doors and door accessories in the industry:

Automatic Door Preventative Maintenance Program

At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we are proud to be AAADM certified inspectors. Our Automatic Door Technicians are fully trained and qualified to conduct new installation, preventative maintenance, service, and annual inspections in accordance with the latest codes and current industry standards. To help keep your automatic pedestrian door systems compliant and operating properly in the most efficient manner, Easter’s Lock & Security offers annual inspections, preventative maintenance (PM) servicing, and repair/replacement of worn or outdated parts, all in accordance with AAADM standards.

Our AAADM Safety Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Safety Sensor Coverage Check
  • Opening & Closing Speed Check
  • Emergency Break Out Pressure Test
  • Motor & Gearbox Operation Check
  • Sliders & Rollers Checked & Lubricated
  • Sensor Operation Check
  • Hold Open Time Reverse Function Check
  • AAADM Safety Inspection
  • Tightness of Belts & Bolts Check
  • Weather Stripping & Door Condition Check
  • Proper Card Access Control Integration Check
Automatic Doors & Operators

Door Systems & Accessories

  • Sliding Door Systems
    • Cutting-edge microprocessor technology combined with advanced engineering delivers the safest, most dependable sliding door systems in the industry.
  • Folding Door Systems
    • Full door automation ideal for two-way traffic. Two- and four-panel configurations with a variety of opening widths.
  • Swinging Door Systems
    • Designed for both full- and low-energy applications. Ideal for use in supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, office buildings, and academic settings.
  • Revolving Door Systems
    • Based on long-lasting quality and today’s most innovative features and options, revolving door systems are available in a variety of styles and configurations.
  • Sensors & Controls
    • Options include easy-activate push plates, long-range digital radio controls, digital video motion detectors, safety sensors, and surveillance and ID systems.