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AAADM Automatic Door Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Program

At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we are proud to be an AAADM Certified  Inspector. Our Automatic Door Technicians are fully trained and qualified to  conduct new installation, preventative maintenance, service, and annual inspections in accordance with the latest codes and current industry standards. To help keep your automatic pedestrian door systems compliant and operating …

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Chance of a Lifetime – Free Technical Training as a Locksmith in Our Locksmith Apprentice Program!!

apprenctice locksmith

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, the largest provider of physical and electronic security in the Mid-Atlantic region, is seeking graduates interested in the Locksmith and electronic security industry to join our Apprenticeship Program. The object of the program is to introduce and teach the basic skills one must have to begin a career in the…

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Selecting The Proper Door Hardware-Part 2 of 1


By James Piper, P.E. April 2017 – Doors & Hardware Inadequate duty selection Managers need to match door hardware selected for a particular application to the durability requirements of that application. Fortunately, a series of standards can help managers throughout this process. Rating procedures developed by ANSI and BHMA give door hardware a grade based…

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Reviewing Door Hardware Security-Part 1 of 3

door hardware

By James Piper, P.E. April 2017 – Doors & Hardware An increased recognition of threats to institutional and commercial facilities has motivated maintenance and engineering managers to review and upgrade their security measures. For most managers, this means examining key protective components, such as door locks, closers, operators, and card readers. Manufacturers have responded to…

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Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock

sargent and greenleaf 2890B Pedestrian Door Locks

Easter’s Lock & Security Features:Improved Safety. Uncompromised Security. Sargent & Greenleaf introduced the S&G 2890B SCIF Lock designed to the specification FF-L-2890B combining requirements for Life Safety with High-Security.  Now Fire Marshals and FSOs can agree on a solution satisfying their most critical demands. Six types are offered including options for Panic Bar, Exit Lever,…

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DroneTracker Now Features an Integrated Jammer

drone tracker

Another Product Update from Easter’s Lock & Security DroneTracker can prospectively not only detect drones, but automatically trigger countermeasures. We have now integrated a drone jammer made by the German company, HP Wüst. This jammer is configured to specifically target a drone’s frequency range and stop it in its tracks without causing any damage. Additional…

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