Integrated Access Control

Perhaps it’s time to consider an Access Control System to simplify the management of your building or buildings. Easter’s Homeland Security Group is here to help.

Easters is a Leading Integrator in the MidAtlantic

Access Control Systems can be controlled in many ways. Digital keypad access or a push button lockset can suffice as a partial or low-security solution in a high traffic area. Key or card activated systems allow companies and facility owners/managers to monitor access, including time, date, and personnel logging. For a higher level of security, biometric systems are available. Controlled by fingerprint, retina, iris or hand geometry scans, these systems are typically used in government and military facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, and technology centers.

employee access keypads
Authorized Installer, DEaler & Maintenance

As a leading systems integrator in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we offer installation, support and products from manufacturers such as Lenel, GE, Northern, Keyscan, Keri, Visonic, IEI, DSC, DSX, and Medeco.

In addition to new system installs, we specialize in the repair, expansion, and upgrade of customers’ existing systems. If your system is not functioning properly, or if you are displeased with your service, we will be happy to remedy the situation.


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