Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock

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Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock

Easter’s Lock & Security Features:Improved Safety. Uncompromised Security.

Sargent & Greenleaf introduced the S&G 2890B SCIF Lock designed to the specification FF-L-2890B combining requirements for Life Safety with High-Security.  Now Fire Marshals and FSOs can agree on a solution satisfying their most critical demands. Six types are offered including options for Panic Bar, Exit Lever, Rim Cylinder, and electronic Access Control integration.  And all 6 types are single motion egress  devices and are 3-hour UL Fire Listed integrated with either GSA approved Combination Lock.

Sargent and Greenleaf’s Model 2890B Lock:
  • Passed BHMA Testing
  • Passed the UL305 Cycle Test
  • Passed the UL Fire 10B and 10C Test
  • Passed the three-hour UL Fire Test – giving the Model 2890B twice the highest fire rating of any other SCIF lock currently available.
Model 2890B Lock Includes:
  • Thorough-mounting with heavy-duty, adjustable standoffs for strong, solid mounts that prevent door collapse.
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable, surface-mounted strike with integral rollers for secure, yet smooth operation.
  • Pinch-proof strikes available for in-swing and out-swing applications.

Easter’s Lock & Security Systems:

  • We are an Authorized Service Company and Stocking Distributor for the S&G2890B
  • Our GSA Technicians are S&G 2890B Certified to Install and Repair all six locks types
  • Our GSA Technicians hold Top Secret Clearances so that we can service your Military, Federal, or Civilian agency/base/facility.


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