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Security Products

Introducing Remote King; After Market Automotive Keys, Gate Cards, Access Cards Created

duplicate auto keys

Easters Lock is proud to add Remote King, a company that supplies a wide range of popular genuine and aftermarket automotive and garage & gate of remotes. Remote King have been at the forefront of innovation and the utilization of new technology for the remote industry for the last 10…

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Reviewing Door Hardware Security-Part 1 of 3

door hardware

By James Piper, P.E. April 2017 – Doors & Hardware An increased recognition of threats to institutional and commercial facilities has motivated maintenance and engineering managers to review and upgrade their security measures. For most managers, this means examining key protective components, such as door locks, closers, operators, and card…

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Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock

sargent and greenleaf 2890B Pedestrian Door Locks

Easter’s Lock & Security Features:Improved Safety. Uncompromised Security. Sargent & Greenleaf introduced the S&G 2890B SCIF Lock designed to the specification FF-L-2890B combining requirements for Life Safety with High-Security.  Now Fire Marshals and FSOs can agree on a solution satisfying their most critical demands. Six types are offered including options…

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DroneTracker Now Features an Integrated Jammer

drone tracker

Another Product Update from Easter’s Lock & Security DroneTracker can prospectively not only detect drones, but automatically trigger countermeasures. We have now integrated a drone jammer made by the German company, HP Wüst. This jammer is configured to specifically target a drone’s frequency range and stop it in its tracks…

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Dog & Bone LockSmart Bluetooth vs Master Lock Bluetooth Smart 4400

Product Info from Easter’s Lock & Security Review by: Jake Widman Freelance Contributor, TechHive There are just a couple of scenarios in which padlocks are commonly used, but every conventional padlock suffers from the same shortcomings: Access is granted to whomever holds the key or the combination, and it’s almost…

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SHELTER™ Responsive Lockdown Solution

shelter school security solutions

Product Update from Easter’s Lock & Security There was a time when an individual’s safety in a school, public place, or commercial business wasn’t even a consideration. You were safe practically anywhere. Live shooter events have increased at an alarming rate, and today, these types of environments have experienced the…

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The Condor Automatic Swing Door – Authorized Dealer Maryland

condor automatic doors

Now an Authorized Dealer & Installer!!   Heavy duty automatic door operator that is easy to install and maintain with advanced computer controls. Can be quickly integrated into a new or existing door application. Perfect for facilities, universities, schools, hospitals, retail centers, office buildings, government and public facilities. Installed and…

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