Free Amazon Key For Business Installation

For many people, getting a package delivered from Amazon is painless. However, problems can arise in access-controlled properties such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and businesses. At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we have partnered with Amazon to install Amazon Key for Business at your facility to help alleviate wasted time managing Amazon packages and ensure seamless deliveries. The best part of all? This service is FREE for your property!

Open for delivery


Amazon strives to make its package delivery process quick and easy for customers. However, sometimes an Amazon delivery associate can’t access a building for several reasons:

  • The mail room is on a floor accessible only to authorized residents.
  • The leasing office or business reception area is closed.
  • Elevator access is restricted.

In these scenarios, customers must “buzz” drivers into the building and meet them in the lobby or even outside, which takes coordination on both ends. If the customer is not available, the delivery is even more difficult.

If there’s no safe location to leave the package, the delivery associate tries a re-delivery on a different day. This leads to delivery delays, calls to customer support, reorders, and sometimes many re-attempts before a successful delivery. Ultimately, it results in a poor customer experience.


To solve this problem, an Amazon team created the Key for Business service, which integrates with a building’s existing access system to grant authorized people temporary access to complete deliveries. This solution doesn’t disrupt tenant access, so residents and business owners can continue to use their existing access method (access card or remote control).

The service involves four steps:

  1. A delivery associate uses the Amazon Flex app to request access to a building.
  2. The service verifies the delivery associate’s details, along with the building location and time of day.
  3. The service grants the delivery associate time-bounded temporary access.
  4. The delivery associate delivers the package to the relevant location (such as the lobby or mail room).

Implementing Amazon Key for Business at Your Facility

Our Security Technicians can install Amazon Key for Business at your apartment, multi-housing unit, or business FREE OF CHARGE!! No strings and NO cost to you now or in the future. Ready to get started? Contact us below!