Baltimore Healthcare Locksmiths: Automatic & Fire Door Maintenance

Welcome to our Healthcare Facilities page. At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we specialize in the services used and needed by Hospitals, Medical Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Retirement Communities. With our comprehensive list of skills and certifications, our healthcare locksmiths in Baltimore can be the ONE source for your Healthcare facility’s needs.

Locksmith Services

Let’s start off with what Easter’s is probably best well known for: Locksmith Services. Easter’s is the largest Locksmith company in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We can supply, repair, and install any mechanical or electronic piece of hardware related to a door opening. Now, we realize you might already have a Locksmith on staff. But the rigorous demands of maintaining the doors and door hardware in a Healthcare Facility can be daunting and that’s where we can help. Our Factory Trained healthcare locksmiths in Baltimore are available to you by the day, the week, or the hour. So even if you need a temporary replacement while your Locksmith is out, we’re here for you.

Fire Door Inspections

Is your facility still paying for an out of state Fire Door Solution Company to fly somebody in, while you pay to put them up in a hotel, along with their meals, and a rent a car to get them to your facility? Well, from what our customers are telling our Baltimore fire door maintenance team, we’re saving them up to (and in some cases over) 85% of what they were paying. Easters has a team of NFPA80 Certified Technicians available to inspect your doors, create a deficiency report, provide a written estimate, and make the necessary repairs to make your facility Joint Commission compliant. Our fire door maintenance experts in Baltimore can provide you with a written estimate in minutes of your call.

Automatic Door Services

Has the price of your Baltimore business’s Automatic Door Maintenance Program gone through the roof? With a five-minute, no-pressure phone call we’ll explain how we’re changing the industry and how Easter’s can save you over 60% on your automatic door operator preventive maintenance program. Our AAADM Certified Technicians can provide sales, service, and installation of any brand of operator and we offer a same-day response time to our customers. Try getting that from your existing provider.

ICU and ER Sliding Doors

Yes, we know your facility is full of mechanical and automatic sliding doors. And we also know that, more than likely, a good amount of them don’t operate correctly due to the beating they take on a daily basis. We’ll also bet you haven’t been able to find anybody that will work on them. Well look no further. At Easter’s, we have a group of healthcare locksmiths in Baltimore that specialize in the repair of hospital sliders. Give us a call today.