Commercial Security System in Baltimore

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Integrated Access Control

Perhaps it’s time to consider an Access Control System to simplify the management of your building or facility. Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions: Homeland Security Group is here to help.

  • Open Platform, Architecture, and Integration
  • IP & Web Based Systems
  • Smart Card, PIV, FIPS Technology
  • Intruder Lockdown Systems
  • Multi-Site or Stand Alone

We offer scalable solutions that increase security by allowing you to determine who is granted entry. Digital keypad access or push-button locksets are low-security solutions in high traffic areas. Key or card activated systems allow companies and facility managers to monitor access with details that include time, date, and personnel logging. 

For a higher level of security, biometric systems are available. Controlled by fingerprint, retina, iris, or hand geometry scans, these systems are typically used in government and military facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, and technology centers. 

As a leading systems integrator in the Mid-Atlantic Region, we offer installation, support, and products from manufacturers such as Lenel, Vanderbilt, RS2 Technologies, KeyScan, Keri, and Honeywell .

In addition to new system installs, we specialize in the repair, expansion, and upgrade of existing systems. If your system is not functioning correctly, or if you are displeased with your service, we are happy to remedy the situation.

At Homeland Security Group, we remain current with industry technologies, assuring that your system and investment provides value for years to come. We analyze your needs and customize a system with the features needed to address your specific issues. 

Featured Solution: Switch™Tech Electronic Access Control

With Switch Tech, key management becomes a thing of the past. Access can be quickly and easily added to virtually any existing small format interchangeable core application. An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use app integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems and allows instantaneous, secure management of all users, plus visibility into who is accessing what, when.