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Government Security

GSA Schedule & Distribution

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions is a Certified Small Business and GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) Holder specializing in Law Enforcement, Fire, & Security and covering the following GSA SINs (Special Item Numbers):

  • 334290 – Security and Detection Systems: Includes security and detection systems and devices, such as gas detectors, pressure level monitoring, patient/detainee monitoring systems, etc. Subject to Cooperative Purchasing.
  • 334290L – Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) – Legacy SIN: Includes physical access control systems (PACS), such as card-controlled access, biometrics, security barriers, etc. Includes non-FIPS physical access control systems. Subject to Cooperative Purchasing.
  • OLM – Order Level Material: OLMs are supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task or delivery order placed against a Schedule Contract or BPA. OLM pricing is not established at the Schedule contract or BPA level, but at the order level. Since OLMs are identified and acquired at the order level, the ordering contracting officer (OCO) is responsible for making a fair and reasonable price determination for all OLMs. The value of OLMs in a task or delivery order, or the cumulative value of OLMs in orders against an FSS BPA awarded under an FSS contract, cannot exceed 33.33%.

Brands We Carry on Our Schedule

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GSA Schedule: GS-07F-161AA
Cage Code: 4EWQ5
DUNS #: 022432058
TIN #: 52-1211294
SBA #: 09-3193

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Material Sales & Distribution

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions is a full-service provider of physical and electronic security systems for government, federal, state, and local government facilities. We are a Lockmaster’s Authorized Stocking Distributor & Service Center and a Sargent & Greenleaf Authorized Service Company. 

We accept all government and GSA Smart Pay procurement cards as well as purchase orders and contracts.

Service & Labor

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions offers (9) Service/Labor Categories on our GSA Schedule. Rates are billed hourly.

Journeyman Locksmith – Install limited locksets and door hardware; Repair most malfunctioning locks and door hardware; Generate original keys; Duplicate, rekey, and master key locks to new keys or master key system

Master Locksmith – Install any type of lock or door hardware; Remove, disassemble, and repair any type of lock or door hardware and re-install on door; Design, computer generate, and implement a master key system from start to finish.

GSA Certified Locksmith – GSA Certified Services; Lockmasters LKM10K Certified Services; LKM7000 Certified Services; Kaba Mas X-10 & CDX-10 Certified Services; Overly STC SCIF Door Services; SCIF Soundproofing; GSA Safe, GSA Vault, and GSA Container Opening, Drilling, Repairing; Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B Services; S&G 2740 Services; Kaba Mas DKX-10 High Security Pedestrian Exit Device Services

Security Systems Technician – Install maintain, and repair Integrated Access Control Intrusion Detection Systems, Video Surveillance/ CCTV, Telephone Entry & Intercom Systems, Card Access Systems, and Entry/Exit Release Systems

Security Systems Master Programmer – Install maintain, and repair Integrated Access Control, Intrusion Detection Systems, Video Surveillance/ CCTV, Telephone Entry & Intercom Systems, Card Access Systems, and Entry/Exit Release Systems; Has obtained and maintained factory certifications for programming of systems.

NFPA80 Certified Fire Door Inspector – Physically examines door surfaces, glazing & light frames; Checks door frame, hinges, and hardware for proper operation and damage; Measures door clearances, checks closing device, and examine for holes or missing parts; Checks latching operation, gasketing and seals, and ensures door hasn’t been modified in a manner that would void door’s fire label.

NFPA80 Certified Fire Door Technician – Repairs or replaces in field vision lighting and beading, as well as defective hinges, hardware, and threshold; Adjust door for proper clearances and adjust or replace door closer; Adjust double door coordinator, lock latch, and strike plate; Repair or replace auxiliary hardware prohibiting proper operation; Replace or install gasketing and edge seals where needed; Re-certify the integrity of the door’s fire label.

Safe & Vault Ancillary Technician – Service safe by disassembling lock, lubricate, balance, and re-install; Open locked safe by manipulation or drill penetrate with fiber optics viewing.; Change combinations by key, hand change, or electronics; Conversion of manual spin dial to digital locking.

AAADM Certified Automatic Door Operator Technician – Perform installation of automatic door opener/ operator and motion sensors; Repair existing openers/ operators; Check operation and certify safety sensors, adjust opening and closing speeds, and hold open time; Check motor and gearbox operation; Lubricate rollers and sliders; Tighten belts and bolts; Check weather stripping and door condition, card access integration, and perform AAADM safety inspection.

Distribution for Government Services

We also subcontract our services to GSA Prime Contractors