Commercial Security System in Baltimore

Commercial Services

Telephone Entry & Intercom

At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions: Homeland Security Group, we provide and install intercom or phone entry systems to meet your specific applications. Our systems provide two-way communication and control doors, gates, and more with or without video verification. We offer a variety of cost-effective systems to meet your goals. Let us demonstrate how a system can make the flow of traffic in, around, and through your premises more controllable.

Telephone Entry & Intercom Systems

Our services and solutions include:

  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Barrier Gate Opening Systems
  • Interior & Exterior Systems
  • Video Verification

With advanced features and durable designs, our telephone entry and intercom solutions offer ideal long-term access quickly and securely.

“Amazon Key For Business” for Multi-Housing and Businesses

Open for delivery

For many people, getting a package delivered from Amazon is painless. However, problems can arise in access-controlled properties such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and businesses. At Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions, we have partnered with Amazon to install Amazon Key for Business at your facility to help alleviate wasted time managing Amazon packages and ensure seamless deliveries. The best part of all? This service is FREE for your property!

LobiBox Video Telephone Entry System

If you are in search of a durable and convenient video entry system that allows employers or tenants to see and talk with visitors using a mobile app, then we recommend opting for LobiBox Visitor Video Entry and Access Control System.

With LobiBox, visitors can type an employee or tenant name and click connect, members have the option of connecting with voice and one-way Video to verify the Visitor’s status before granting or denying access.

Integrated Card Reader Access Control

Integrated into every LobiBox Visitor Unit is a RFID/NFC Card Reader. This system can work standalone or with your existing access control system. A complete Intercom with Access Control built right in.

Visitor Scheduling

Don’t hand out codes and access cards to temporary guests. You can schedule a guest right through the LobiBox mobile app. The guest visitor will receive a text or email with the code. Codes will expire at the end of the visit and can never be used again.