Did you know that the lock on your safe requires periodic servicing?

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Just like the engine in your car, your combination lock is a temperamental mechanical device that can become dirty or worn with continued use. It highly is recommended that all combination locks be serviced every 2-3 years if the lock is used heavily.

The service of a combination lock entails that a safe technician disassembles the wheel pack, cleans the wheels and parts, replaces any worn parts, and lubricates the lock. This periodic servicing of your combination lock will result in a smoother, more reliable combination lock.
Indicators that it may be time to service your safe:

combination lock
  • The lock is tight and difficult to dial
  • The lock combination changes over time
  • The lock makes a ‘clicking’ sound when dialed
  • The lock assembly is loose
  • The lock attempts to wind back in the wrong direction
  • The dial is crooked or unsteady
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