Don’t Become the Target of an Injury Lawyer!

Do you have automatic doors at your facility or place of business? When was the last time you had them inspected by an AAADM Certified Technician? The operation of your automatic doors should be tested every morning by an employee before the start of business and inspected at least once a year by an AAADM Certified Technician.

As the business or building owner, you are obligated and responsible for the safety of your customer. According to the Consumer Product Safety Administration, there are nearly 50,000 people injured in automatic door and garage door accidents every year. The most common injuries are broken hands, wrists, and noses. Some cases may even result in fractured hips, back and spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injury. To quote an Automatic Door Injury Attorney, “A business that neglects the responsibility of having their doors inspected are putting their customers in an unnecessary and dangerous risk of serious injury which can result in hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in compensation for neglect.”

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The point we’re trying to make is: don’t let this happen to you. Let Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions be the name you’ve known and trusted for over 65 years to have an AAADM Certified Technician perform a safety inspection on your doors, while at the same time adjusting sensors and checking for worn belts. It’s as easy as clicking the RED BUTTON and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t become the target of an injury lawyer seeking justice of a victim. Call Easter’s today for a Preventative Maintenance estimate!

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To help keep your automatic pedestrian door systems compliant and operating properly in the most efficient manner, Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions offers annual inspections, preventative maintenance (PM) servicing, and repair/ replacement of worn or outdated component parts, all in accordance with AAADM standards.

Your AAADM Safety Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Safety Sensor Coverage Check
  • Opening & Closing Speed Check
  • Emergency Break Out Pressure Test
  • Motor & Gearbox Operation Check
  • Sliders & Rollers Checked & Lubricated
  • Sensor Operation Check
  • Hold Open Time Reverse Function Check
  • AAADM Safety Inspection
  • Tightness of Belts & Bolts Check
  • Weather Stripping & Door Condition Check
  • Proper Card Access Control Integration Check