Easter’s Implements Access Control Systems to Remote Buildings without Trenching, Drilling, and Running Wires

Kaba Security

When a local military facility known for its weapons testing and medical research needed an access control solution to reach remote buildings, they relied on Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions.

“We were invited to the local Air Force base and asked for an assessment of an access control situation,” notes President/CEO, Robert Easter. “I’ll admit the compound was a bit overwhelming; it sits on over 72,000 acres and has over 2,000 buildings. The facility needed an access control solution at four remote buildings that surrounded the airfield. It was apparent that running wires to the buildings was not even a consideration. The E-Plex Enterprise System provided features and functions that hit all their check boxes, and it did not require expensive trenching, drilling, and running wires,” adds Easter.

Government Security Installations

“We conducted a site survey to determine how many Gateway/Routers were needed as well as their optimum placement at the airfield,” adds Easter. The Gateway/Router enables two-way communication from an E-Plex Lock or SAC (with wireless antenna kit) to the system’s server. “We installed a dozen E-Plex 5600 Locks among the buildings and installed the computer with Enterprise Software in an administrative building,” says Easter. “Enterprise Software extends access control capabilities of stand-alone locks, which increases security measures at the base,” notes Easter. With Enterprise Software, the system:

  • Supports 3,000 users per door
  • Offers 16 access schedules and 32 holiday blocks per door
  • Maintains 30,000 audit events

“In addition, the Wireless Option provides centralized access control management, meaning all lock and user programming as well as access point monitoring can be accomplished from one workstation,” remarks Easter. “The system administrator has real-time functionality of events, including user access such as the person’s photo, date/time and which door they accessed, as well as emergency lockdown or passage of locks commands. And, at a facility where security is critical, having information and controls at your fingertips makes access control more proactive than reactive.”

This feature was re-posted from Kaba Access: Kaba from the Field Article written October, 2014.