New Federal Standard 809 Prohibits the Neutralization and Repair of all Black Label GSA Containers

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Do you have a Black Label container that is currently affixed with a Kaba Mas X-09 spin dial? If so, it might be time to consider upgrading that lock to a new Kaba Mas X-10. On April 4th, GSA released a new Standard 809 stating that once a Black Label GSA Container is neutralized (drilled open) it cannot be repaired. Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions highly recommends that all customers who are currently utilizing the X-09 spin dial upgrade their lock to the newest Kaba Mas X-10.

In October 2015 the X-09 was issued it’s end-of-life because of a prevalent issue regarding the stepper motor. The X-09 showed signs of continuous failure and as such was replaced with the X-10. To date, the X-10 has performed exceptionally well. Even if your X-09 is working fine, should you experience a failure we cannot drill open your lock and repair it.

Upgrading to the Kaba Mas X-10 now can save you the cost of a new GSA Container. 

CLICK HERE to read up on the Federal Standard 809

Federal Standard 809 Recommends Periodic Service of your GSA Container!

Per the new Standard, Periodic maintenance of electro-mechanical combinations is highly recommended for all locks and should include the following:

  • Operate the lock to include changing the combination as appropriate under local and national policy requirements.
  • Check the dial and dial ring for proper alignment and smooth operation.
  • Check for loose dial ring, spindle or mount screws.
  • Replace all damaged parts. Lubricate according to manufacturer’s instructions using only the recommended lubricant.
  • Check LCD for missing segments, cracks in the display lens or error codes displayed.
  • Perform the battery check procedure, replace batteries if appropriate. Replace batteries every 5 years or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Our GSA Certified Technicians have the qualifications needed to perform Maintenance checks at your facility. Contact us today for pricing on a maintenance inspection!