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Towson Locksmith & Home Security Solutions

Locks are meant for your security, so you need to know the company charged with that task is on the up and up. Since 1953, Easter’s has been the most trusted home security and locksmith services in Towson and the greater Baltimore area. Family owned and operated, our name is on everything we do, so we have to do it right.

New locks, old locks, master key systems, smart locks, or security cameras—our Towson professionals have every solution you might need to protect your home or business from burglaries, break-ins, or other breaches in the security of your property. We can even secure your windows.

We’re also there in emergencies, like when you’ve lost your key or access code, or the key has snapped off in the lock. The last thing you want is to be stranded outside with no way to get into the safety and comfort of your property. No matter the time of day or night, when you need us, we’ll be there as soon as we can, and we’ll get the door open in a jiffy. There isn’t a lock or home security issue in Towson that we can’t handle.


We’ve got the expertise, the tools, and the products to secure your property with new door frame installation or repair. We’ve got the hardware to effect a perfectly secure fit, and we’re experts in electrified hardware systems for your doors.

Government Credentials

We specialize in government-regulated security systems required by the Department of Defense, federal agencies, and private defense contractors. All our technicians are GSA credentialed.

Video Surveillance Systems

We’ve got a broad selection of video surveillance systems with all the latest technologies—integrated or open options, various storage capacities, and analytics capabilities. You can monitor your system live, or you can record to view the video later.

Access Control Systems

With an access control system, not only do you control who enters your property, but the management of the building becomes even more simplified when you add our Switch™Tech system which eliminates the need for a key.

Our Locksmith Services

The expert locksmiths in Towson will install any system or hardware to secure your property. We do repairs, new installs of security hardware and electronic systems, smart locks and security cameras for Towson homes. We also drill safes, change combinations, and install safes.

Residential Locksmith Services in Towson

Don’t trust something as important as the security of your home to just anyone. Easter’s has more than 65 years of experience with security systems throughout Towson and the greater Baltimore-D.C. area.

If it’s about security, Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions is your best choice in the Towson area for locksmith services, electronic surveillance and access systems, safe repair and installations, home systems, and business systems. We were the first locksmith company to be officially licensed in the State of Maryland. With our experience and qualifications, we’ll come up with the perfect security solution specific to your property.