Dundalk Healthcare Locksmiths: Automatic & Fire Door Maintenance

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions is your trusted expert for security and automatic door maintenance services and fire door inspections for your Dundalk area healthcare facility. Our locksmiths offer specialized services for hospitals, medical centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities across Maryland. Our wide range of skills and certifications means our healthcare locksmiths in Dundalk are your comprehensive solution.

Locksmith Services

Easter’s is renowned as the premier locksmith service in the Mid-Atlantic region, capable of providing, fixing, and fitting any mechanical or electronic door hardware. Recognizing the challenges healthcare facilities face in door maintenance, we offer our factory-trained locksmiths and security and automatic door maintenance technicians in Dundalk for support. Our local team is ready to help, whether you need assistance for a day, a week, or even just an hour, to ensure your doors and hardware meet the highest standards.

Fire Door Inspections

Instead of contracting out-of-state companies far from the Dundalk area for fire door inspections on your healthcare facility, costing you extra for travel and accommodation, consider Easter’s cost-effective solutions. Our NFPA80 Certified Technicians are ready to inspect, report deficiencies, estimate, and repair to keep your facility Joint Commission compliant, offering substantial savings and efficiency.

Automatic Door Services

Easter’s is revolutionizing automatic door maintenance for healthcare facilities in Dundalk, promising significant savings over traditional programs. Our AAADM Certified Technicians are skilled in handling sales, service, and installation for any operator brand, ensuring rapid response and unmatched customer service compared to other providers.

ICU and ER Sliding Doors

Understanding the vital role of properly functioning mechanical and automatic sliding doors in your healthcare facility, our Dundalk area team also recognizes the difficulty in finding reliable repair services. Easter’s boasts a team of specialists dedicated to fixing hospital sliding doors, ensuring they operate smoothly despite extensive daily use.

Contact us today for expert security and automatic door maintenance services and fire door inspections for your Dundalk healthcare facility.