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Easter's Lock & Key

Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions

If you need a locksmith or home security system installed in Rosedale, MD, you can count on Easter’s Lock to provide reliable and professional services.! Everything you own needs to be securely protected, because not everyone in the world has honest scruples. It’s always been that way, and since 1953 Easter’s has led the competition in providing home and business owners in Rosedale, MD, with effective locksmith and security services. We were the first locksmith licensed in Maryland, and over the past 70 years our family-owned business has become the largest independent security systems provider and #1 trusted security company throughout Rosedale, MD and the greater Baltimore area.

You’ll never know when you’ll need our Rosedale, MD locksmith services, but you can bet that when you do, it will be at the least opportune time. That’s why we offer after-hours, 24/7/365 emergency service. When you get locked out or can’t lock up, our locksmith team, serving Rosedale, MD will mobilize promptly to get you the keys or access codes to make everything secure again.

Doors, Frames, and Storefronts

Need a home security system for your Rosedale, MD property? We’ve got a number of solutions to secure your commercial storefront, doors, and window frames. We have electronic and traditional lock-and-key options in a range of styles. We use only the finest quality products and materials to secure your business. We install and repair your door and window frames, and we ensure everything is ADA compliant. Should you need smart locks or security cameras for your Rosedale, MD home or business, our highly trained and experienced team will be happy to provide expert advice and professional installation services tailored to your specific needs.

Government Credentials

Many government agencies require companies to have special clearance to work on their security systems. All our technicians have the proper GSA credentials to install and repair government-regulated security systems for the DOD, other federal agencies, and private defense contractors. We stock a full line of government-approved security hardware and systems.

Security Camera Services — Rosedale, MD

The bad guys are always trying to beat every system; we have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of smart locks and security cameras, and our Rosedale, MD team stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. We stock a huge range of hardware solutions, video surveillance cameras systems, recording and storage options, and everything else you need to keep your home or business safe and secure under lock and key.

Integrated Access Control

We offer systems that provide you with proprietary control over who can and cannot access your property. We have different options for access control code systems, smart cards, encoded keypads, and a whole range of other security solutions that allow you to expand your security systems as your needs increase.

Rosedale, MD, Locksmiths for Safes: Repairs, Drilling, Combination Resets

Easter’s offers a range of choices and solutions when you need a safe. We install wall and floor safes, as well as free standing safes. We’ll even move your 300-pound safe when you need to relocate it. We provide drilling services, can change the combination, and we offer maintenance services to keep the lock on your safe clean and freely functional.

Rosedale, MD, Professional Residential Locksmith Services

To feel entirely comfortable in your home or business, you have to feel confident in the locks and security systems you have in place to protect yourself, your family, your co-workers and clients, and your property. We sell, install, repair, and provide maintenance on a broad range of locks and security solutions that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for more information about our home security and locksmith services in Rosedale, MD.