Fire Door Inspection Services in Annapolis, MD

Easter’s Lock offers healthcare locksmith and fire door inspections to Annapolis hospitals, medical centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. Our team knows that these places need the best security. That’s why we perform fire door inspections, provide automatic door solutions, and fix locks in critical care areas. We make sure everything is safe and works well.

Don’t take chances with healthcare security – call us for a free consultation today. We’re here to help with specialized lock repairs and more. Our services are designed to keep everyone in healthcare settings safe and secure. Trust us to be your partner in keeping these important places protected.

Locksmith Services

Easter’s Lock stands out as the leading locksmith in Annapolis, and we are especially skilled in healthcare locksmith services. Our team excels in collaborating with your maintenance staff, delivering top-notch expertise in door hardware, lock repairs, and maintenance. We’re adept at understanding the specific needs of healthcare facilities, ensuring tailored support for security upgrades. Depend on us for reliable and efficient service to keep your facility secure and operational.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire door inspections are crucial for a healthcare facility’s safety systems. Our team is made up of NFPA80-certified technicians who will ensure these doors are well maintained. We perform thorough fire door inspections throughout Annapolis, helping facilities stay safe and meet important health standards without the high cost of out-of-state services. If we find any issues, we provide detailed reports and offer affordable repair quotes to keep your facility compliant and secure.

Automatic Door Services

For healthcare facilities, having smooth-running automatic doors is essential. We focus on providing automatic door repair, security, and automatic door maintenance to Annapolis facilities and keep everything moving as it should. Our team of AAADM-certified technicians is skilled at making sure doors work perfectly, helping everyone inside feel welcome and safe. They’re trained to handle all kinds of situations quickly, ensuring that doors aren’t just fixed but are maintained to avoid future problems.

ICU and ER Sliding Doors

We take care of the sliding doors you see in hospitals, especially in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms. These doors are very important because they help keep germs away, give people privacy, and sometimes even protect against X-rays. If something goes wrong with these doors, it can be a big problem for everyone. That’s why our team is always ready to perform emergency repairs and perform inspections to make sure they’re kept in working order.