Fire Door Inspections in Catonsville, MD

We offer healthcare locksmith services to hospitals, medical centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. We understand how important it is to keep these places safe and compliant. That’s why we provide facilities in Catonsville with fire door inspections, automatic door maintenance, and specialized lock repairs, especially for critical care areas. We’re here to make sure everyone in these important places is secure.

Don’t worry about healthcare security anymore – contact us for a free consultation. At Easter’s Lock, we are dedicated to helping you with all your security needs. Whether it’s making sure doors close properly or fixing locks quickly, we’re your local partner who cares about keeping everyone safe.

Locksmith Services

As the top locksmith in Catonsville, Easter’s Lock specializes in healthcare locksmith services and understands the unique needs of hospital settings. Our team works closely with your maintenance crew, supplying, fixing, and installing all types of door hardware to ensure everything operates smoothly. Whether it’s urgent lock repairs, regular maintenance, or security upgrades your healthcare facility needs, you can rely on us for dependable and adaptable solutions tailored just for you.

Fire Door Inspections

We provide fire door inspections for Catonsville healthcare facilities, as they are integral to the life safety system. Our NFPA80-certified technicians, skilled in maintaining these critical doors, work directly within the healthcare facility. By conducting these inspections in Catonsville, we eliminate the need for costly external services, guaranteeing that the facility remains compliant and prioritizes patient well-being through a robust life safety system.

Automatic Door Services

Our team specializes in automatic door maintenance in Catonsville, ensuring every entrance works perfectly for healthcare facilities. We believe in keeping doors in top shape with regular automatic door maintenance. Our AAADM-certified technicians are skilled at fixing and maintaining all types of automatic doors. By choosing Easter’s Lock, healthcare facilities can trust that their doors will function smoothly, making it easier for everyone to come and go.

ICU and ER Sliding Doors

Our team repairs and maintains sliding doors in hospitals, including Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms. These doors provide a critical function as they help keep things clean, offer privacy, and sometimes protect against radiation. If these doors break, it can be dangerous for patients and medical associates alike. Our team is experienced in working with these special sliding doors and can perform emergency repairs quickly to ensure they are in working order.