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Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions

You have property and you’ve got stuff, and all of it needs to be protected behind lock and key. Since 1953, Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions has been a leader for locksmith and home security services in Parkville, MD, and throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. We’re a family-owned and operated company, and in our 70 years of operation, we’re the most trusted name in all the ways to secure your property and possessions.

So many things in life happen at the spur of the moment, when you least expect it. And that’s why we offer emergency and after-hours security and locksmith services. Day or night, residential or commercial service, when you need help getting in or locking up, we’ll be there as soon as possible with the locks and keys, or access codes.

Doors, Frames, and Storefronts

You’ve got a number of options for your commercial door and window frames, and the solutions we provide are the best in the industry. We ensure the style fits your property and is ADA compliant. We can also install electrified hardware.

Government Credentials

Many departments require specific credentials to install and repair security equipment on government property. All our technicians are certified GSA inspectors and are skilled in all the systems needed to meet all government regulations.

Parkville, MD, Security Camera Services

Changing times dictate a need for innovation, and we’ve got all the modern solutions to protect your residential and commercial properties from the bad guys. We’ve got the latest technologies for surveillance cameras and video management.

Integrated Access Control

It’s important that not just anybody can gain access to your property. We install electronic systems for use with access codes, smart cards, or keypads to let you manage who is able to enter your property. We also install lockdown systems.

Parkville, MD, Safe Locksmiths: Repairs, Drilling, Combination Changing

Sales and service, installations and repairs—we do it all at Easter’s. We can change the combination on your safe, we call drill the lock, we can move your 300 lb. safe, and we can install a new safe in the floor. We also provide maintenance to clean dirty and worn combination locks.

Professional Residential Locksmith Services Parkville, MD

Protecting your personal space and your possessions is essential to feeling comfortable and safe in your home or business. We provide all the modern solutions you need to keep the important things in your life under lock and key.

Whether you want to rekey the home you recently purchased or you need to change personnel access to your business, we’re the most trusted locksmith and security service in Parkville, MD, and all of Baltimore County. When you need professional residential and commercial locksmith services, trust Easter’s Lock & Security Solutions. We were the first licensed locksmith in Maryland, and we’re still your best security solution!